Thursday, 12 February 2009

There's No Business Like Snow Business. 4/2/09

We don't know yet, but some of this weekend's gigs might be under threat from the lovely snow.
According to the forecasts, more snow is threatened for Thursday, and we have people flying in from Spain that day in time for shows on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. So everything depends on how much it snows, and when, and where, and how many troops have been dispatched to clear the runways...
And naturally, most of the bookings are looking healthy, and in one, a local enthusiast has gone to immense trouble and expense to prepare food and socialising for after the show..
It's always the way with cancellations.
So today has been about having 'conversations' with venue managers about the possible dangers - if there are any, which we hope there won't be because I'm just panicking - which I hope I am.
It's all very well for those on the sidelines to urge that 'The Show Must Go On', but after all the snowballs have been thrown, this weather is going to effect the flamenco business just like any other. And the venues artists perform in. And the awful truth is that we won't know what the best decision is until it's too late to take it..
As the famous song goes on to say:
"Everything the traffic will allow."
There is a real danger of no traffic at all, especially air traffic.
We have people coming in to three different airports. Which is either good or bad, I can't decide which. All the singers and a guitarist are are arriving at Stanted. If that is clear, we could put on a show, but only with one dancer. If it isn't clear, we've no show at all. And all the permutations in between. Either way we need all three to be clear to have a full company.
Maybe the era of cheap-flight based mini-tours is coming to an end.

In The Eye Of The Storm

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