Thursday, 12 February 2009

Roses and Luck and Snow. Day 1. 6/2/09

Everyone did arrive, just.

Mateo and Ana and Jesus managed to scramble in to Stansted in between snowshowers at 11.50 last night. By this morning it was snowbound again, and Luton, which is not that far away, was totally isolated.

The snow hit at just the right places and times for us last night, and the same is happening today. We were chased away from Stansted by it last night, and out of London by it today into the effects of last night's storms in the west country. It's as if we're in the eye of the storm.

To the south and north of Tewkesbury winter chaos reigns. Both Severn bridges closed. The M5 at a standstill. And Oxfordshire enjoying blizzard conditions.

And yet we slid effortlessly along the M40 due to the lack of traffic, and hit Tewkesbury in record time. The trip from The Roses to the digs in Cheltenham tonight, and the trip to Bromsgrove tomorrow - and home again - may be a different story.
In The Eye Of The Storm

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