Thursday, 12 February 2009

Pavilion Theatre Worthing. 22/06/08

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Another of the many pretty little theatres on the British regional circuit. Performing over the sea in a high wind was a new experience for most of the company, but the sheer gentility and elegance of the Pavilion seemed to defy the storm with sheer style, and the howling wind was tamed to provide a perfect soundscape for the timeless passion of flamenco. The music inside the theatre was as intense as the raging wind outside. God was our FX man that night.
Thanks to Jim and Roy for doing everything He couldn't.

And to make the night almost perfect, Spain beat Italy in the semi-finals of Euro 2008. We had tried, with some determination, to book an Italian restaurant for supper after the show, where we could share the second half in a culturally meaningful way. But all in vain. All were closed. And don't think we don't know why. Vergogna sugli ospiti di Worthing. To have sipped Sambuca dei Cesari as the winning penalty sliced home would have been perfection. For us, anyway.

In the end we had to make do with a very nice pub, followed by a very nice Indian restaurant. But it wasn't the same.

Pavilion Theatre, Worthing. 22/06/2008

Jesus at the half hour.

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Seafront Worthing

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Taking Shelter
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